arshee photo competition


You must pass through too many wonderful scenarios and moments in your campus everyday and now it’s time to show those masterpieces to the world which were found with your inquisitive eyes, camera lens and photography skills…………….

Creativity, Freedom, Imagination – that’s all about ARSHEE!

Join, compete and win the “BEST CAMPUS AWARD-2012” to prove why your campus is best among the others.


  1. You can upload any pictures related to your campus. Adda, funny moments, snapshots of extra-curricular activities, natural beauties of your campus, celebrations whatever it is , feel the freedom to reveal those snapshots to the world
  2. To compete or vote you have to Sign UP first. Upload your photos in ,
     Go through Sign In > My Menu > Upload Image.  You must choose “CAMPUS” from the “ Image Category” option. Any photos uploaded in other categories will not be eligible for “Campus Photo Fest -2012”..
  3. Provide an appropriate “Image Title” and "Short Description”. Write your Name, Mobile Number in the “Description” textbox, it’ll be hidden. Remember, all these information are mandatory for every picture.
  4. You must upload photos of your own campus. No one should post a photo related to an institution where he doesn’t belong.
  5. One can upload as many pictures as he/she wants.
  6. The uploader of the photo must be the original owner of the photo. In case of any copyright violation related misdeed, the uploader will solely be responsible and will not be accountable. If any original copyright claim is made on a photo with proper evidence, the picture may get removed without any notification
  7. No fake votes are allowed. If such a misdeed is committed, the photo will be removed and the uploader’s profile will be permanently disabled.
  8. The selected photos may be used by for further campaigning and other related activities. You acknowledge this provision when you upload your photos.
  9. Any member of the authority of will not be eligible to take part in this competition.
  10. can alter any date, rules and other provisions without prior notice and their decision regarding anything related to the competition will be final and decisive.
  11. If your university is not available in our sub-category, then please post your suggestion on our facebook fan page:

A mysterious journey of thrill, excitement and delight is waiting for you. Let’s begin the journey right n

Phases of the Competition:
The competition will be held through three phases, each phase will take a limited time.

Phase 1 :

This phase is open for all. You can just Sign Up and upload your photos in ARSHEE. Sign Up in ARHSEE filling up necessary information and start uploading the colors, moments, life and memories you want to share!

Deadline :  Januray 25,2012

Selection Method :  Ranking on number of likes

Nominated photos for next phase : Top 100 photos

Phase 2 :

No new photos can be uploaded anymore in this phase.  This time you will Vote for your favorite picture from Top 100 photos nominated in  Phase 1. Let’s see which picture and campus earns the topmost response and popularity!

Deadline : Januray 26,2012 - February 5,2012

Selection Method:   Ranking on number of votes

Nominated photos for next phase: Top 50 photos

Final Phase  :

In this final phase from 50 photos, only Top  20 photos will be nominated and all of these photos will be eligible for prizes.  Despite all these 20 photos will get SPECIAL PRIZES, BEST 3 photos will be nominated for GRAND PRIZES. But this time, along with public votes the photos will have to go through a JURY BOARD. A combination of Public vote and Jury marking will be the deciding factor this time.

Deadline :  February 8,2012 – February 18,2012

Selection Method :  Ranking on number of votes and Jury Evaluation

Finally Awarded Photos : Top 20 photos


Prizes :

“SPECIAL PRIZES” for all TOP 20 Photos.
 “GRAND PRIZES”   for BEST 3 Photos in 3 categories :
                                                             1. BEST CAMPUS AWARD   ( No. 1 in Public Votes + Jury marking)
                                                             2. PEOPLE’S  CHOICE AWARD  (No. 1 in Public Votes)
                                                             3. CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARD  (No. 1 in Jury marking)